The Snare is Broken Song Texts

Track 1 -- I Could Dwell Forever (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

I could dwell forever
in the gaze of your eyes
Touched by insight,
all recognized

For love is patient and kind
Never jealous, does not strive
Love is not boastful, nor lifted high

I could lie forever
in the circle of your breast
Captured by peace,
held at rest

For love is not abrupt, not self-seeking
Love is never harsh in speaking
Love gives way, love lets go

I am held forever
in the chambers of your heart
Ever expanding,
welcomed home

For love never fails,
never passes away
Knowledge, gifts, speech will fail
Love will remain, love will stay

And love holds faith, embraces hope
But love alone remains, love remains
Love lasts forever,
love will never, never fade

Love lasts forever
forever forever

Track 2 -- You Say You Love Me (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

You say
you love me

I say
I love you too

You say
flowers are stars that have fallen
winds are sighs that have drifted
songs are silences that have wandered

And I say
I love you

You say
ice-cream is colder than snow
winter is warmer than fear
love is more silver than steel

And I say
I love you

You say
dance will float rhymely
joy will flourish boldly
hope will sing strongly
and wondering will never end

You say
you love me

I say
I love you

Track 3 -- They Have No Wine (Patricia Allen)

"They have no wine."

"Woman, what have I to do with you?
My hour has not come.
Woman, you don't know what you're asking me;
this power is costly.
My blood, my very blood is what they need
to quench their thirst."

"They have no wine.
Do what he tells you."

Father, how good you are;
how very, very good you are
to take the water of my soul
and make it wine.

Track 4 -- The Snare Is Broken (Patricia Allen)

The snare is broken, you can go free!
The snare is broken, now you can be.
The snare is broken, try it and see.
Come flying, flying to me.

Child of my heart, don't try to hide;
give me your hand, put it into my side.
Happy the man whose trust is in me,
and those who believe without having seen.
The snare is broken..

Make my word your home, let it fill your soul;
you live in the truth, and that makes you whole.
When you love my word, you give me a place;
my Father and I will come fill the space.
The snare is broken…

Son of my love, let the child in you grow;
my love covers you far more than you know.
I formed you myself in your mother's womb,
and now in my heart I've made you a room.
The snare is broken…

Friend of my soul, hear the child without shame,
for the kingdom belongs to the poor and the lame.
As he lives through the past, let him know he has worth;
in compassion and love the man comes to birth.
The snare is broken…

Track 5 -- I Didn't Want to Let You In (Patricia Allen)

I didn't want to let you in,
but you got in anyhow.
I thought I left you at the door,
but when I turned around,
that was when I found
you were standing on the other side.

You kept on coming round my door,
you'd knock and come right in;
I never ever wanted you to stay.
You raised too many questions
and you pressed too many buttons
just in the simple sharing of your life.

I didn't want to let you in,
but you got in anyhow.
I thought I left you far behind,
but when I plunged ahead,
what I found instead,
was that I was catching up with you.

I'd found a way to live my life protected from the truth;
I found that I could cope with it quite well.
But you kept pressing in on me to probe my heart and mind;
I think we're both surprised by what we find.

I didn't want to let you in,
but you got in anyhow.
I thought I pushed you far away
but when I once withdrew,
that was when I knew
you had come into my heart to stay.

You weren't afraid to penetrate the depths of who I was;
you waited when I said I needed space.
We worked through pain in both our lives
and learned to tell the truth
and found within that act the heart of love.

I didn't want to let you in,
but you got in anyhow.
I thought I left you at the door,
but when I turned around,
that was when I found
you were waiting on the other side.

I'm oh so glad I let you in,
smartest thing I ever did.
The pain and joy of knowing you
is such a gift to me,
for I've learned to see
the depth of what it means to really love.

Track 6 -- I Just Want to Be with You (Patricia Allen)

I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.
I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.

Don't take me to the movies; I don't want to go.
If we go to the movies I'll have to watch the show;
and I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.
I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.

Don't say dinner and dancing; I'll take a cup of tea,
for the dinner and dancing would be a waste on me.
'Cause I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.
I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.

Why celebrate with a wedding? Think of all the fuss.
Let's just settle in Reading; no one will know but us.
'Cause I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.
I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.

Don't tell me all your problems--then we'll have to think.
Let's just live in the problem, catching your eye, I'll wink.
'Cause I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.
I just want to be with you, want to be with you alone.

Track 7 -- Close the Back Door, Baby (Patricia Allen)

Close the back door, Baby, now that You've come in
I won't want to go away again.
Close the back door, Baby, throw away the key.
I'm not going anywhere - pull up that old rockin' chair;
all I want has just walked through to me.

Little did I know that You would come and fill my life to overflowing.
Little did I know that You were watching as I vainly sought my way
through love after love, after love, after love,
without love.
Close the back door…

Little did I know that You could really meet and satisfy my longing.
Little did I know You were behind the loves I loved - and waited for me
through love, after love, after love.
There's no love without You!
Close the back door…

When we met that day along the way - You saw me weep, and said in passing
that you had a room that I might like, and I should come and try it out
by myself, all alone, on my own - I'd be known by Your love.
Close the back door…

Though Your presence filled the place, You were not in view;
and You left me quite a while alone.
I could have left a million times, thought about it hard,
but always there was just a trace of Your gentle smiling face,
so I waited 'til I heard Your knock.
Close the back door…

Track 8 -- Sister and Brothers (Ps. 133) (Daniel Berrigan)

Sisters and brothers dwell in peace,
what joy, what an omen.
Hand in hand, heart to heart,
double strength.

A waterfall pausing, various, ever moving,
roses, surprising strawberries,
a closed circle, an enclosed garden, a universe.
Sisters and brothers…

There war's hoarse throat is silenced
and praise goes up night and day.
And the stanchions of slaves on the hills
gather dust, spring ivy.
Sisters and brothers…

[UNCOMMON PRAYER: A Book of Psalms, page 133]
Track 9 -- A Double Heart (Ps. 119) (Daniel Berrigan)

A double heart be far from me, O Lord,
I love your commands;
my hope is your promise.

A lying tongue be far from me, O Lord,
I love your promise;
my hope is your law.

Far from me a violent will,
your will is my hope;
I love your commands.

To witness your law,
to love your commands--
be my first love.

[UNCOMMON PRAYER: A Book of Psalms, page 109]

Track 10 -- How Great Is Your Goodness (Ps. 31) (Daniel Berrigan)

How great is your goodness, Lord,
poured out on the one who loves you.
Face to face with iniquity
the trusting heart shall prevail.

Far from intrigue, far from malice,
I run to your presence,
take sanctuary in your eyes.
Hands aloft, you encompass a holy tent, a refuge.
How great…

The war of tongues, a babble, a rout rages, goes nowhere.
I would dwell tongue stilled,
mind subdued in your holy temple.
How great…

Come, make me your temple,
deep founded, touching high heaven.
All you who fear the Lord, exult,
take courage, come shelter in him.
How great…

[UNCOMMON PRAYER: A Book of Psalms, page 26]

Track 11 -- May I to My Lord Hasten (Ps. 131) (Daniel Berrigan)

As my soul hastens to breast, to hand,
may I to my Lord hasten.
As my soul hastens to breast, to hand,
may I to my Lord hasten and abide.

Lord, cut my cloth to a human measure -
big schemes, big follies,
the dark ground of connivance
be far from me.
As my soul…

Come my soul like a bird to the hand,
like a child to breast;
I will nurture you, I will mother you.
As my soul…

[UNCOMMON PRAYER: A Book of Psalms, page 132]

Track 12 -- The Smell of This Spring Day (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

The smell of this spring day
makes me remember and imagine far away strangeness

A land where rain is April, peaches mellow, sunsets warm
A land where wind brings peace
A land where satisfaction is like deep wells in moist earth
A land where longing does not haunt

The smell of this spring day
my heart
the wounds of loneliness burning within

Track 13 -- Spasms of Spring (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

Spasms of spring strike my day

My heart's vulnerability suffers their rhythm

Track 14 -- Spring in Many Ways (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

Spring in many ways:
winds blowing firmly, trees gleaming greenly, sun blazing newly

Yet the spring that pierces most deeply
is the early blossom of your love

As all springs, this one must pass
and either summer will scorch and wither
or fall will bear its fruit

And I must wait
to know which season is timely

Track 15 -- As If It Were (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

As if it were the time of spring

When lavender skies and lilac trees
silently begin to show

And earth worms
long buried in their catacombs of earth and snow
slowly begin to slink

As if it were the time of spring

When shell winds and pear sunrises
softly begin to bloom
and winter birds
far gone in their summer sagas
songly begin their morning row

As if it were the time of spring

My heart begins to breathe

Track 16 -- My Heart Is Feeling Most Like a Puzzle (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

My heart is feeling most like a puzzle
whose pieces have finally been found

They aren't all in place
but enough are
so that the picture is recognisable

Track 17 -- When I Survey (Isaac Watts)

When I survey the wondrous cross
where the young Prince of Glory died,
my richest gain I count but loss,
and pour contempt on all my pride.

Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
save in the cross of Christ, my God:
all the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to his blood.

See, from his head, his hands, his feet,
sorrow and love flow mingled down.
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet,
or thorns compose so rich a crown?

His dying crimson, like a robe
spreads o'er his body on the Tree;
then I am dead to all the world,
and all the world is dead to me.

Were the whole realm of nature mine,
that were an offering far too small;
love so amazing, love so divine,
demands my soul, my life, my all.

Track 18 -- A Larger Place (Mikel Kennedy)

All that I've ever found, I've found in you.
If I walked the world around, I'd still find you.

Jesus, you've led me to a larger place,
filled with the sun that shines out of your face.
And in that light I see what I've not seen before:
beauty that lies in me,
love that is more,
more than I've ever known;
Jesus, now I know you.
I know that you are love, perfect and true.

The love that I have found, Jesus it's you.
Lead me the world around, I'll follow you.

Track 19 -- The Carpenter Song (Patricia Beall Gavigan)

I like your being a carpenter,
I like your building things that were not there

I like your lifting wood that strains your strength,
carrying tools that weigh your hips

I like your seeing and measuring and cutting,
I like your planning and thinking and making

I like your shirt coated with wood dust,
I like your hands stained with brown

Cause I like your being a carpenter,
I like your building things that were not there

Track 20 -- How Sweet the Name (John Newton)

How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds
in a believer's ear.
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds,
and drives away his fear.

It makes the wounded spirit whole,
and calms the troubled breast;
'tis manna to the hungry soul,
and to the weary, rest.

Dear Name, the rock on which I build,
my shield and hiding place,
my never failing treasury,
filled with boundless stores of grace.

Jesus: my Shepherd, Brother, Friend,
my Prophet, Priest, and King,
my Lord, my Life, my Way, my End,
accept the praise I bring.

Weak is the effort of my heart,
And cold my warmest thought;
but when I see thee as thou art,
I'll praise thee as I ought.

'Till then I would thy love proclaim
with every fleeting breath;
and may the music of thy Name
refresh my soul in death.

Track 21 -- I'd Like to Sit You Down (Martha Barker)

Your feet are so weary
from walking through problems
much are too big for you.
I'd like to sit you down,
gently wrap a towel around
and bathe your feet in my tears.

Gently wipe the fears away,
gently love the years away.

I would like to walk through your deepest sorrow.
I would like to weep with you while weeping lasts
and wake with joy tomorrow.

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